Plant Seeds and Grain sprouts production for Nutrition and Medicine of Human

There are aware directions for man to get all what is useful to him in all different fields of his life. Man is guided to food awareness and a save food with a high nutritional value. This food contributes in protecting him of different diseases over the above; Plant Seeds and Grain sprouts production for Nutrition and Medicine of Human it may be a cure in some cases. According to that thought, Istenbat House for Agriculture Establishment goes for opening a new field for ensuring a healthy save food with a high nutritional value like proteins, vitamins, enzymes and phytochemicals that protect the human body from dangerous diseases. That's why the institute held a new project that is considered one of the specialized unique projects in the Middle East. That project is held to ensure this type of food to the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Middle East area. The name given to that project is "Plant Seed and Grain Sprouts Production for Nutrition and Medicine of Human". We do not claim specialization in medicine yet, but we show some of the known scientific facts about plants from the past. These facts can not be ignored by any specialist or any one concerned with the medical and nutritional value of these plants.
Scientific studies that was done in that respect emphasize that eating vegetables especially its seeds' sprouts has a direct effect in protecting man from cancer diseases in a different places of the body. Amaryllidaceae family plants (onion, garlic and leak) come in the second stage, where as carrot comes in the third stage. As for Brassicaceae family plants (radish, rocket, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and turnip) come in the forth stage. Finally, fruits especially citrus fruits come at the fifth stage. These types of food decrease the chances of getting cancer diseases with a percentage 50%. This role remains important and vital even if it stops at that point or lesser than it. The protective effect of vegetables, especially their sprouts, because they contain a set of compounds that enable them from preventing cancer diseases. It was approved that eating leafy fresh vegetables frequently, especially the sprouts of these vegetables, protects from stomach, colon, pancreas, gullet, lung especially for smokers', oral cavity, pharynx, breast and prostate cancer. Moreover, eating seed sprouts of Amaryllidaceae family plants protects from stomach cancer. Whereas, sprout seed of Brassicaceae family protects from colon, breast and endometriosis cancer for women.
Generally, we can say that all leafy vegetables are rich with chlorophyll that gives the green color to their leaves. Modern science proved that hemoglobin is related to chlorophyll. It was discovered that when this substance is analyzed in human body, it merges at its cells and feeds them. In addition to that, it helps in killing diseases' microbes that help the body to protect it self and resist diseases. Moreover, it was discovered that chlorophyll absorbs body smells that's why it's better to eat lettuce and parsley after eating onion, garlic and leek to get red of the un-liked body smells especially mouse smell. Man's meal should contain 25-35% of fresh vegetables sprout. The sprout can be eaten between meals with out any imbalance in the diet of a person. In particular, eating vegetables' sprout makes a change, differing in nutrition as well as it is considered the main source for a lot of food components that protects human body from many different diseases. It was proved that radish, garden rocket, lettuce, parsley, onion, leek and what is like are rich with vitamin C, which is anti swollen gums and protects from scurvy disease; its a bleeding in the gums happens from the least touch. Vitamin C helps in reinforcing blood vessels, stopping bleeding quickly, fighting inflammations and dental erosion, increasing the ability of concentration, preventing general feebleness, and weakness and digestion disorder. In addition to that, the hot substance founded in radish and garden rocket sprout affects the membranes of the digestive system and the stimulator for digestion juice secretion. Moreover, these sprouts are rich with important minerals especially calcium, potassium, iron, iodine and selenium.

Plant Seeds and Grain sprouts production for Nutrition and Medicine of Human
Plant Seeds and Grain Sprouts Production

 The sprout is considered a full food, nutritious and quickly made.

 Eating the sprout is considered an excellent source for nutrition components required for a man like proteins, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. This to be compared with the consumption of adult fresh plants produced traditionally. Nutrition expert's emphasis that alfalfa seed sprout is one of the wonderful sources of Saponins (it was discovered that Saponins is doubled 450% in alfalfa seed sprout. This is to be compared with grown-up plants or un-sprouted seeds. Saponin helps in decreasing harmful cholesterol and fats without affecting the healthy useful ones for the body. In addition to that, it is a simulative for the immunity system; it increases its immunities by activating the defensive cells like T-Lymphocytes.

  Generally, seed and grain sprouts are better than some other traditional food for example; soy bean sprouts contains as much twice quantity of proteins than it is found in egg and one tenth of fats only. Mung bean sprouts contain carbohydrates much more than it is found in melon. It also contains more of vitamin A founded in lemon, vitamin B1 founded in avocado, vitamin B2 founded in dry apples and vitamin B5 founded in bananas. It was proved that radish seed sprout contains 29 double of vitamin C if compared with vitamin C founded in milk (29 opposite to 1 milligram) and as much trice of vitamin A (391 opposite to 126 IU). This sprout contains 10 double of calcium's quantity founded in potato tubers (51 opposite to 5 milligram) and radish sprouts contains vitamin C more than pineapple contains.

 The sprout is considered a digested food or in a stage before digestion directly (likely digested food). Therefore it's a food with a high biological value if compared with un-sprouted seeds or grains or ripen plants. Either this sprout is used fresh or cooked; it should be added to man's meal with appropriate quantity to get the nutritional value in to his cells and blood.

 The sprout is considered a permanent nutrition source that people depend on all the year as a source for vitamins. They are like vitamin A and some types of vitamin B such as B9 (folic acid) which is rare in some other traditional foods. The national cancer institute recommended that a person should eat vegetables and fruits every day. Moreover, it recommended that the sprout is the best source for vegetables. The sprout is considered the only agricultural product available all the year as a fresh, a clean and a healthy safe food.

  Baby plant (sprout) is considered alive food as it continue in producing vitamins after its harvest and during storage in the fridge. This sprout grows slowly consequently, its vitamins increase by time. On the other hand, the storage of the ripen vegetables after its harvest loses a big part of vitamins. For example, cabbage loses 25% and spinach 50% of vitamin C during transportation, storage and handling.

 Scientists call for the inevitability of coming back to nature with its plants and natural food; nature plays an important and vital role in protection and cure from some diseases. Health and nutrition scientists recommended that man's meal should contain fresh fruits and vegetables every day; this indicates that the meal should contain seed and grain sprouts.

 Seed and grain sprouts help in protecting man's body from some different diseases. It was proved that alfalfa, Egyptian clover, cauliflower, broccoli and soybeans contain a concentrated natural nutritional medical ingredients called phytochemicals. It protects man's body from diseases; estrogen found in sprouts has the same job of human estrogen but without side effects. It increases bones formation, prevents osteoporosis, helps in enduring heat waves, preventing the symptoms of menopause and it prevents the growth of canavanine. Alfalfa seed sprout contains a huge quantity of anti-oxidant as well as amino acids and it was proved that it is a resistant to pancreatic cancer. In addition to that the existing of anti-oxidant that fight harmful active chemicals in man's body and protect him from cancer diseases and other well-known dangerous diseases. Above that, organic minerals existed in seed and grain sprouts contribute greatly in rebuilding and protecting man's health. This is because of its ability to build nerves, blood, pones and other vital tissues as it is rich with vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes required for building the body.

  Sprouts used in fresh consumption: Broad bean, horse bean, soy bean, pea, mung beans, fenugreek, alfalfa, Egyptian clover, chick-pea, garbanzo and lupine.

 Sprouts used in salad: white radish, red radish, garden rocket, turnip, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, mustard, alfalfa, Egyptian clover, chick-pea, sun flower, leek, onion, garlic, celery, dill, parsley, coriander, lettuce, chicory, red beat, cashew and pine.

  Sprouts used in making sandwiches: White radish, red radish, garden rocket, mustard, alfalfa, Egyptian clover, sun flower, leek, lettuce and chicory.

  Sprouts used in cooking and making soup: Spinach, mallow, calques, purslane, Jew's mallow, lentil, broad bean, horse bean, mung beans and chick-pea.

 Sprouts used for making juices and ice-cream: Wheat, barley, white radish, red radish, garden rocket, sun flower, almond, cashew and pine.

 ; Sprouts used as flavors: White radish, red radish, basil, mint, marjoram, celery, dill, parsley and coriander.

  Sprouts used in making pasta, bread, roasters, appetizers and sweets: Wheat, fenugreek, broad bean, horse bean, pea, chick-pea, cowpea, alfalfa and almond.

Generally, according to seed's and grain sprouts' role in protecting and curing a lot of dangerous and chronic diseases, researches is directed to put it in food to get a healthy and a useful food. This is through drying and grinding seed and grain sprouts then sifting them to isolate the bran from the flour. After that, the flour or the bran is used in preparing a healthy food like cake, sweet biscuits, pizza, bread with meat, meat Berger and soup.

  Sprouts used as snakes: lupine, chick-pea and fenugreek.

  Sprouts and its remains are used as animal fodder: Barley, wheat, pea and beans.

Therefore, scientific experiments were done to study the capability of producing seed and grain sprouts' sorts and categories that is useful in nitration field and man medicine. The institute reached a distinguished protocol specialized for it to produce the highest seed harvest of high nitration quality and high storage ability. Furthermore, the nature of this product as it is a healthy safe one. Above that, the institute uses the modern technical and scientific techniques in all different stages of production operation. This results at saving water, increasing the efficiency of using water especially under Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's circumstances and the existence of these products all the year.

Istenbat House for Agriculture Establishment produces organic, vital and clean plant products. As a result, these products are healthy and free from all polluted things that affect man's health and environment including fungicides, insecticide and chemical fertilizers. These products are the start of plant in an early age so, they called baby plants. They are harvested and consummated after sprouting the seeds or grain spouts of previously produced plants by using organic and bio systems. These sprouts are used early after sprouting from 3-7 days as sprout length is 1-10 centimeter. They may be used in an age older than that for some seeds and grain sprouts as sprout length may reach 15 centimeter or more than that. These sprouts do not need, during all its production stages, agriculture sand or fertilizers; chemical or organic or any type of pesticides. This makes that product clean, healthy and provides the body with its need of protein, vitamin and enzymes, especially when it is used fresh. Moreover, these sprouts are easy made when they are used as cooked; they just need few minutes to be prepared.